Joel Christiansen

Porter Robinson: Nurture
Anderson .Paak: Ventura
Nicholas Godin: Fire of Love
Svaneborg Kardyb: Over Tage
Ivan Blomqvist: Bror
Chris Staples: Cloud Souvenirs
Will Epstein: Wendy
kita kouhei 北航平 / Mamiko Hirai 平井: Hikari no kaikou
Diversity of Thought
Lido Pimienta: Miss Colombia
Nev Cottee: Madrid
Action Text Code Highlighting
rails new -h
Trim Tab, Tag You're It
Yama Warashi (山童): Crispy Moon
Seawind of Battery: Clockwatching
Small Teams, Big Results
Y La Bamba: Lucha
Melissa Carper: Ramblin' Soul
Arborist: An Endless Sequence of Dead Zeros
Mason Jennings: Underneath the Roses
Jalen Ngonda: Come Around and Love Me
Hania Rani: Ghosts
Make It
Kim Åge Furuhaug: Kim Åge Furuhaug
Vels Trio: Celestial Greens
Nothing Original
birb: city life
Clariloops: Micro Macro
Community Radio
Hiss Golden Messenger: Jump for Joy
Mort Garson: Journey to the Moon and Beyond
Jackson Wooten: A New Child
Big Trees: Minor Outlying Islands
Haruhisa Tanaka: Views
Brandon Eder Ensemble: Therapy
Consistency cycles in work
Ann Annie: By Morning
Kennebec: Without Star or Compass
The Art of Asking
Sadurn: Radiator
Iwamura Ryuta 岩村竜太: Symphony
Resistor for the Mind
Helios: Espera
If You Stay Ready, You Don't Gotta Get Ready
Nightmares on Wax: Re-Imagineering Meditation Mix
The Breathing Effect: Eli & Harry
Goon: Hour of Green Evening
React Is Too Complex
Will Van Horn: San Luis Pass
Dawes: Misadventures of Doomscroller
Relentless Forward Progress
Phil Cook: All These Years
Telephone Friends: Telephone Friends
Impediments to Simplicity
Corntuth: Letters to My Robot Son
Internet Rube Goldberg Machines
Twain: Noon
Danger Mouse: Cheat Codes
Misconception of Self-Expression
Tyson Motsenbocker: Milk Teeth
North Americans: Long Cool World
Bill Callahan: Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle
Wednesday: Rat Saw God
Building Openly
Athletic Progression: Montreux Jazz Festival
Anderson .Paak: Malibu
Bridge Building and Design
Move 78: Automated Improvisation
Keith Kenniff: It Shall Appear
Hania Rani: Live at Invalides
Exploring ARUP's world of innovation
You and Your Research
Mark Barrott: 蒸発 (J​ō​hatsu)
The Power of Small Wins
Man-Computer Symbiosis
Thinking With Your Fingers