Let's Pair Build!

January 2021

Trying something new here. If you're interested and available, I'd love to connect.

This year, I'm doubling down on "pair building" on code and no-code side projects via screenshare. One-on-one, synchronous, and remote. I'm especially interested in pairing with new people I haven't met before.

By "pair building," I just mean applying a pair programming approach to all kinds of creative technology projects.

Whenever I pair, I'm inspired by good conversations, cross-pollination of perspectives, and focused learning that naturally happens during one-on-one collaboration.

Instead of hitting up the same friends and groups, I thought it'd be fun to branch out a bit.

This form will put you on my mailing list for pair sessions. Whenever I have time, I'll send out an email with a link to get some pair time on the calendar.