Hi, I'm Joel. This is my personal website. Lately I've been using it to: (1) catalog new(ish) full length albums I'm listening to, and (2) capture some short-form thoughts in written format. I've also written beginner-friendly technology-related tutorials and have plans to do more of that again soon. I believe strongly in the open web and feel drawn to engage on the internet outside of commercial pursuits and social media as my limited time permits.

I live in Bellingham, WA, and work as a software engineer for Unreasonable Group HQ'd in Boulder, CO. We support growth-stage climate and impact entrepreneurs, investors, and large institutions to collaboratively and profitably solve pressing problems. I personally work on building and maintaining custom software that supports our internal teams/initiatives and connects our global community in human-centric ways.

Before following my passion for coding, I worked for 12 years as a lawyer doing U.S. work visa petitions (mostly O and EB classifications for artists, engineers, musicians, architects, chefs, etc.) and employee rights litigation/advocacy on behalf of employees and employee advocacy groups. I'm still a licensed member of the Oregon State Bar, though not practicing much these days and not available for legal work.

Outside of the code editor, I like hiking, sailing small sailboats, tending plants, and cooking vegetables. My now page is the best place to find out what I'm up to now.