Joel Christiansen

Hi, I'm Joel. This is my personal website. I don't use much social media, so this site serves as my home base on the internet. For the last year, I've been stashing albums and words that speak to me for one reason or another and sharing them here for anyone who might be interested.

I live in Bellingham, Washington and work as a senior software engineer at Unreasonable Group, where we build community between entrepreneurs, institutions, and investors to profitably solve pressing global problems (energy & environment, food & water, health, education, and new frontiers). Here's a more thorough description.

Before coding full-time, I practiced law in Portland, Oregon for about 11 years, with a focus on business immigration (work visas and permanent residency for artists, entrepreneurs, and other creative professionals) and labor rights advocacy. I was drawn deeply into code while building my own tools for handling immigration cases. I found code to be a rich, immersive, and action-oriented medium for thinking and working. I ultimately changed careers to focus more actively on work that best embodies my values.

Outside of work, I like to garden, walk, cycle, sail small boats, and read. 私はまた、書き言葉の日本語を学んでいます。You can also find me on GitHub and LinkedIn.