Hi, I'm Joel Christiansen, a workers' rights lawyer, Ruby programmer, and steadily-improving gardener 1.

Right now, I use this website to share some code walk-throughs and legal tech ideas. More later.

Build a Trial Court Records Scraper

How to create a Ruby application that programmatically harvests information from the Oregon eCourt Information (OECI) system.

GitHub: Amendments to Oregon's Noncompete Statute

A GitHub repository detailing all amendments to Oregon's primary noncompete statute (ORS 653.295) since its enactment in 1977.

Ajax for Ruby on Rails Forms

Speed and modularity with data-remote forms and JavaScript responses in Ruby on Rails.

Dynamic Autocomplete in Rails 6

Step-by-step tutorial to create an autocomplete field that returns suggestions from a database.

Vim: How Long Will It Take to Learn?

Approaching the classic text editor in a more sustainable light.

Portland's Bicycle Network: Connecting Community

Some thoughts on infrastructure, culture, and people from a decade of riding.

1 To comply with bar regulations: I am licensed to practice law in state and federal courts in Oregon. I represent clients in legal matters throughout the state. I also work worldwide on law-related and technology projects that do not require a local jurisdictional license. Will dig in ground anywhere.