Hi, I'm Joel Christiansen

This site's home to some of my coding/tech interests. I enjoy building things. Mostly for fun, ideally with friends, often on the internet.

I'm 39 years old. I'm an employment lawyer and software engineer. I've lived in the Pacific Northwest since 2008. I grew up in Wisconsin.

AI Recipe Ideas: An Experiment

Some of these recipes came from human brains, others from artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Can you tell the difference?

How Law Practice Killed My Creativity

Some reflections on how law practice sapped my creative energy and what I've been doing to get back on track.

Dynamic Autocomplete in Rails 6

Step-by-step tutorial to create an autocomplete field that returns suggestions from a PostgreSQL database.

Submitting Ruby on Rails Forms via Ajax

Speed and modularity with data-remote forms and JavaScript responses in Ruby on Rails.

Portland's Bicycle Network: Connecting Community

Infrastructure, culture, and riding.

Roam Keyboard Shortcuts - A Lightweight Reference

List and video walkthrough of Roam Research keyboard shortcuts.

Build an Open Source Computer: Raspberry Pi

Create an inexpensive Linux computer from scratch. Here's how.

Install Ruby on Rails on Raspberry Pi

Get set up to build Rails applications on a Raspberry Pi.

CSS Grid Layout with Responsive Breakpoints

Front end layouts with display: grid and SCSS mixins for responsive breakpoints.

Build a Trial Court Records Scraper

How to create a Ruby application that automatically harvests state trial court files.

The Flower

A Tennyson poem that resonates with me.

Organizing Sass/SCSS Files in Rails

Sensible starting point for structuring styles in new Rails projects.

Vim: How Long Will It Take to Learn?

Approaching the classic text editor in a sustainable light.

GitHub: Amendments to Oregon's Noncompete Statute

A GitHub repository detailing all amendments to Oregon's primary noncompete statute (ORS 653.295) since its enactment in 1977.

"Reality's kind of a medium, maybe greater than paper."
~ why the lucky stiff