Hi, welcome. I'm Joel Christiansen.

I'm a developer currently based in Bellingham, Washington and working remotely.

I'm a business ops engineer at Legalpad, a Seattle-based immigration technology startup. We're improving the ability-based work visa process for international entrepreneurs.

My interests include early stage start-ups, no/low-code, process automation, and domain modeling. I participated in On Deck's inaugural No-Code Fellowship from January to April 2021.

I also love writing code, especially in the Ruby programming language.

In addition to my software work, I've been a workers' rights lawyer in Oregon since 2008. My recent work includes: (1) fighting statutory damage caps in employment civil rights cases (Zweizig v. Rote) and (2) helping pass legislation to narrow the legal scope of employer-imposed noncompetes (Oregon Senate Bill 169).

Outside of work, I like digging in the garden, vegetables, riding my bike, and walks with my partner Sarah and our two dogs, Milo and Gus.