"Reality's kind of a medium, maybe greater than paper."
- why the lucky stiff

Build a Trial Court Records Scraper

How to create a Ruby application that automatically harvests state trial court files.

GitHub: Amendments to Oregon's Noncompete Statute

A GitHub repository detailing all amendments to Oregon's primary noncompete statute (ORS 653.295) since its enactment in 1977.

Build an Open Source Computer: Raspberry Pi

Inexpensive Linux computer from scratch. Here's how.

Install Ruby on Rails on Raspberry Pi

Get set up to build Rails applications on a Raspberry Pi.

Dynamic Autocomplete in Rails 6

Step-by-step tutorial to create an autocomplete field that returns suggestions from a postgresql database.

Submitting Ruby on Rails Forms via Ajax

Speed and modularity with data-remote forms and JavaScript responses in Ruby on Rails.

Organizing Sass/SCSS Files in Rails

Sensible starting point for structuring styles in new Rails projects.

CSS Grid Layout with Responsive Breakpoints

Front end layouts with display: grid and SCSS mixins for responsive breakpoints.

Roam Research Shortcuts - A Lightweight Guide

List and video walkthrough of Roam Research keyboard shortcuts.

Portland's Bicycle Network: Connecting Community

Infrastructure, culture, and riding.