Morgan Pope: Collaborative Cuteness

Saved: February 17, 2024
Morgan Pope, Disney’s Newest Robot Demonstrates Collaborative Cuteness, IEEE Spectrum, Feb. 11, 2024:

Walt Disney Imagineering R&D is exploring a multi-pronged development strategy for our robotic characters. Engaging character demonstrations like Duke Weasleton focus on quickly prototyping complete experiences using immediately accessible techniques. In parallel, our research group is developing new technologies and capabilities that become the building blocks for both elevating existing experiences, and designing and delivering completely new shows. The robotics team led by Moritz Bächer shared one such building block–embodied in a highly expressive and stylized robotic walking character–at IROS in October. The capabilities demonstrated there can eventually be used to help robots like Duke Weaselton perform more flexibly, more reliably, and more spectacularly.