Joel Christiansen

Katerina Gorkovenko: How to Explore Data

March 9, 2024
Katerina Gorkovenko et al., Data-Enhanced Design: Engaging Designers in Exploratory Sensemaking with Multimodal Data, International Journal of Design, December 2023:

To make sense of the data participants often cross referenced between the telemetry data visualizations and the video. Participants [...] identified moments of interest within the videos first and then tried to find them within the visualized data. They found this practice helpful in delineating the data based on terrain—Figure 2 shows a participant’s investigation. They identified when the bell was rung, and then looked into whether the proximity of pedestrians had an effect on the rider’s speed. Meanwhile, [other participants] utilized the opposite approach, identifying quantitative data of interest—such as spikes in gyroscope or accelerometer (Figure 3)—and watching the video to understand what was happening at that moment.